Behind every great application is a well-designed database; a front-end user experience can be ruined without crafting the back-end database with the same thorough care from design to deployment. During our business analysis and requirements development process, we consult with stakeholders to explore and document the relationship between the organization’s data.  We use our findings to map out an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD), which our developers use to create tables, views, and stored procedures. For existing applications, we use the same process to normalize existing data and restructure outdated or poorly-designed databases. Our database administrators create multiple environments to conduct testing, to demonstrate to stakeholders, and to deploy the live application. Finally, technical writers include database requirements and design specifications in their system documentation and provide the ERD and data dictionary as captured in the design phase.

Web & Application Development

We build powerful and scalable apps that are custom made using the most appropriate process model for the client, leveraging the latest technologies. From project inception, our technical writing experts capture and document requirements and analyze scope, using stakeholder identification and consultation. This assures our clients that we have a clear vision for their wants and needs and ensures our developers have a blueprint to realize that vision. Our developers then code solutions in a wide array of languages and platforms. Our quality assurance analysts compose full test plans which can be traced back to the initial requirements and conduct initial and regression testing using both manual and automated test cases. Our services round out the software development lifecycle by offering a full suite of maintenance services, including Risk Management Framework (RMF), Web Server and Database Administration, trouble ticketing and change control, and release/patch management. Finally, our commitment to the end user experience is achieved through comprehensive system documentation, creating user guides and a variety of training options.


Our personnel have extensive first-hand experience implementing security in the Risk Management Framework for Department of Defense customers. We have applied the Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) throughout the software and database development life-cycle in the work we have done. We ensure that the Web Servers and Database Servers which we are responsible for are up to date on all their patches and are configured properly to avoid common and not-so-common security pitfalls. We not only have important expertise in the technical aspects of RMF, but we also proficient at maintaining the massive process documentation burden of RMF. We have been involved in the Configuration Control Board process for development of new software systems as well as those in maintenance mode.